We use the gel bottle products to give you outstanding results. This includes sculpted gel nails, a wide range of gel colours and BIAB nail strengthener.

Basic Gel polish 

Hands or feet 

Polish or Gel

Nails are filled, cuticle removed and either varnish or gel polish applied £25

Hands and feet together £46


Please ensure you book this in, or we may not be able to do your treatment

Removal on it's own £12

With reapplication £6



Luxury Gel Polish 

Enjoy a warming beverage or glass of vino, while your therapist teases and tailors your hands and nails into absolute perfection, using only the best Germaine products, including scrubs, massage oils and masks to give you a luxury feel. 

This treatment will include removal of cuticle off the nail plate, file, massage, and polish.



Luxury Pedicure 

Gel Polish or Varnish

The feet and nails are tided, exfoliated, and massaged, mask and polish (or gel polish) applied

We use the amazing footlogix products to achieve great results.



BIAB (Nail strengthener)

BIAB (Recommended for long term wear of gel polish) £27

BIAB With Gel Polish £32

BIAB Maintenance No Gel Polish £27

BIAB Maintenance With Gel Polish £34 



Nail extentions 

Nail extensions £43

Nail Extensions Maintenance No Polish £27

Nail Extensions Maintenance With Gel Polish £32

Removal With Tidy £25

Repairs From £5 per nail



Platinum Spa Pedicure

You want to add more lotions and potions, hot stones, and massage? Of course, you do, you are a Siren after all!



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