Lash extensions are a specialty of ours and we spend a great deal of time perfecting this.

In 2018 we won British best lash bar and Helen won lash specialist of the year


You must, must have a patch test with us before having extensions and this will be valid for 6 months. It doesn’t matter how many times you have had extensions on elsewhere, we simply will not do this service without this. This must be at least 48 hours before hand, but we do suggest as early as possible as a reaction can take 5 days to occur


If it’s your first-time having lashes with us its best to have a chat with us first and let us look at your lashes. Not every lash type can hold every look and we don't want you to be disappointed. 

Thinking of adding a splash of colour? Just ask!

Classic Permanent Lashes

Adds length, gives the look of mascara and can be used in much shorter lengths to give a more natural feel.

These lashes are what we call our classic sets, they are 1 lash applied to 1 of your own lashes. With these lashes they are slightly thicker than our other lashes so you may feel them a little.



Cashmere Lashes

These lashes are applied the same as classics but feel lighter to wear and have a slightly less natural look as they aren’t as tapered on the ends but feel much more comfortable to wear





These are a 50/50 mix of classics and volume.

These lashes give the dramatic look of classics with added volume. Great for those that like the strip lash look. 



Volume Lashes

These are by far our favourite lashes at Sirens, super fine and soft they are made from a manmade fibre to feel like silk, they are unbelievable light. So much so, you will not know you are wearing them, they look and feel just like your natural lashes. This enables our lash technicians to bond 2-15 fine hairs to one natural lash. Creating a full thick look

These are a great alternative for all you lash destroyers out there who are easily irritated or tempted to pick or pull at them, trust me you will forget you have these lashes until you look in the mirror and see how fabulous they look. 

We offer a range of looks, from a very natural just there look, to an extra full look.


Wispy set £57 | Half set, for those wanting a much lighter set £57 | Standard set £70


Strip lash look £70  |  Mega volume £83

Competition standard, these sets are with our head lash tech and award winner. These sets are booked out over a longer time scale, perfectly styled and perfected to your taste £100

Express - lasts around 2-3 weeks £45 


To keep your lashes looking fabulous you will need to follow aftercare given by our lash technicians’ and call back in for a fill. We recommend you do this a minimum of every 2-3 weeks

We offer free sets every 6 months to those that don't miss any infills. you just pay for your normal infill and we will remove and replace your old ones


The time you leave in-between infills will be reflected in the cost and time they take.

Not having infills may result in problems with lashes


30 min infill £25         |         45 min infill £36         |         1 hour £50

After 4 weeks, a full set appointment will be required

Eyelash Tint £17

Sirens Brows Treatment (includes full mapping of the brows, tint, wax, trim and make up to finish) £23

Eyebrow Tint £6 

Tint and Shape £16 (this is for maintenance only)

Tint and Reshape £20 (for those needing more than a tidy)

Eyebrow Reshape £15 (includes full mapping of the brows)

Eyebrow Tidy £10 (please note this is for tidy ups only)

Eyelash Tint, Eyebrow Tint and Shape £28

Brow Lamination and Tint £30

Lash Lift with Tint £42

Lash Lift, Brow Tint and Brow Tidy £55

Other Lash and Brow Services

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